Morgan Keegan Investment Fraud

Investors have filed class action lawsuits as well as individual arbitrations against Regions Morgan Keegan. The suits allege that the Funds and defendants misrepresented or failed to disclose certain material facts related to investments in the Select Intermediate Bond Fund (“MKIBX”) and the Select High Income Fund (“RHIIX”).

Investors who purchased or acquired shares of Regions Morgan Keegan Select Intermediate Bond Fund or Select High Income Fund from December 6, 2004 through October 3, 2007, may have a claim to recover for their losses.


Morgan Keegan Fund Losses*

Ticker Bond Fund 2007 2008
RMH RMK High Income Fund (-)58.0% (-)39.0%
RHY RMK Multi-Sector High Income Fund (-)60.6% (-)44.5%
RMA RMK Advantage Income Fund (-)56.9% (-)39.1%
RSF RMK Strategic Income Fund (-)58.1% (-)42.0%
RHICX RMK Select High Income-C (-)59.9% (-)45.9%
MKHIX RMK Select High Income-A (-)59.7% (-)46.1%
RHIIX RMK Select High Income-I (-)59.6% (-)46.0%
RIBCX RMK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-C (-)50.6% (-)66.6%
MKIBX RMK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-A (-)50.3% (-)66.5%
RIBIX RMK Select Intermediate Bond Fund-I (-)50.1% (-)66.5%

* Information accurate as of July 1, 2008 (4:25 CST) c/o Morningstar.


Do you have a claim against Morgan Keegan?

If your loved one has suffered a significant financial loss as a result of aRegions Morgan Keegan investment, you may have a claim.

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